Two Step Reverse Transcription Kit #GF1062


Two-Step Reverse Transcription Kit #GF1062

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Gene-FociMaestroScript II Two-Step RT-PCR Kit is a second generation First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit. The super mix contains the superb MaestroScript II reverse transcriptase developed by Gene-Foci. This enzyme has enhanced RNA-directed DNA polymerase activity and reduced RNase H activity, and tolerates higher temperature, which reduces secondary structures of RNA template, facilitates RT processivity.

  • Efficient synthesis of full-length first strand cDNA up to 12 kb
  • RTase, RNase Inhibitors and reaction buffer in a master mix, simplifies reaction setupsteps
  • High yields of full length cDNA
  • Tolerates higher reaction temperature
  • Incorporates modified nucleotides