Endotoxin-Free Maxi-prep Kit #GF2703


Endotoxin-Free Maxi-prep Kit (BAC/PAC compatible) GF2703

For research use only.

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User’s Manual (PDF)

Gene-Foci Endotoxin-free Maxiprep Kit is ideal for large scale (up to 500ug) endotoxin-free, molecular biology level plasmid DNA preparation. This kit provides a fast and column-free method for purification of both regular sized plasmid and large plasmid (including BAC/PAC, P1, or cosmid) from 100-200 ml cell culture. All the buffers and solutions are compatible with BAC/PAC plasmid extraction. The column-free method helps protect the integrity of large fragile plasmid DNA. The OD260/280 ratio of BAC/PAC product is around 1.8. Typically, 140 ml of overnight culture in LB or 2x YT media produces 200-500 ug plasmid DNA. Isolated plasmid DNA is endotoxin-free, and is suitable for enzyme digestion, PCR amplification, sequencing, DNA labeling and other manipulations.