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Gel Extraction Kit GF2708.

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User’s Manual (PDF)

The Gene-Foci Gel Extaction Kit is ideal for purification of DNA fragments from gel slices. DNA fragment from 70 bp to 40 kb can be purified using a simple and fast dissolve-bind-wash-elute procedure and an elution volume of 30-50 μl. The binding column EC utilizes the highest quality silica matrix to recover DNA fragments from 100bp to 40kb free of oligonucleotides, nucleotides, and polymerase in yields exceeding 80%-90%. Gel slices containing DNA fragment are dissolved in binding buffer DD at 50°C, and then transferred to binding column EC. An integrated yellow pH indicator allows easy determination of the optimal pH for DNA binding to the spin column. Following a rapid wash step, DNA is eluted with EDTA-free low salt and high pH elution buffer or double distilled water. Purified DNA can be directly used for most downstream applications including restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, Sanger sequencing, DNA labeling and in vitro transcription.