BCA Protein Assay Kit #GF2202


BCA Protein Assay Kit GF2202

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The Gene-Foci BCA (bicinchoninic acid) protein assay kit provides a fast, easy and reliable way of protein concentration determination. This procedure is very applicable to both microplate method and regular test tube method. The Principle of BCA protein assay is, under alkaline conditions, the peptide bonds in a protein can form complexes with Cu2+ ion. Followed by reduction of the Cu2+ to Cu1+, BCA reagent can react with Cu1+-protein complexes to produce a purple-blue product, which has strong light absorption at 562 nm. The BCA assay is used for the same reasons why the Lowry method is used. It has been suggested that the BCA assay will replace the Lowry because it requires a single step, in comparison with two steps  in Lowry method.