Maxi ECL Western Chemiluminescent Substrate #GF2213


Superb Sensitivity and Extra Clean Background #GF2213

For research use only.

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Product Description

  • Superb sensitivity – Detect as low as 1x 10-15 gram of protein
  • Shorter reaction time – Takes only about 50% of the assay time of traditional ECL substrates
  • Saves on Antibody – High sensitivity allows very dilute antibody concentrations
  • Extra long signal durationDetectable lightutput can last for up to 8 hours when conditions are optimized
  • Broader linear range – Easy detection of trace amount of proteins with high signal-to-noise ratios and low-end linearity of dose response curves
  • Stable at room temperature-Components are stable for 6 months at room temperature and 1 year at 4°C