Tri-Pure Total RNA Isolation Reagent #GF2700


Tri-Pure Reagent (For Total RNA Isolation) GF2700

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Product Description

User’s Manual (PDF)

TRIpure reagent can isolate total RNA from animal, plant, yeast, bacteria and virus samples.This reagent can preserve the integrity of RNA during the cell lysis procedure. After adding chloroform and centrifugation, two layers form: the upper hydrophilic phase contains the extracted RNA, the lower hydrophobic phase contains cell membrane, DNA, protein and other cell debris. RNA in the upper phase can be precipitated with isopropanol. After removal of the upper phase, protein and genomic DNA can also be isolated by precipitation.

For most type of samples, TRIpure reagent can effectively isolate RNA from either smallamount of sample (eg. 50-100 mg tissue or as few as 5×106 cells), or large amount of sample (eg. ≥1g tissue or as many as 107 cells)

  • Isolate RNA, DNA, and protein from the same sample
  • Superior lysis capability, even with difficult sample types
  • Optimized formulations and protocols for tissues, cells, serum, virus, and bacteria